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dia siete | hello & welcome

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Day 7

Friday. Always a difficult day on this trip as the realization that this is the last time you will be in the village (perhaps forever, but hopefully until next year) starts to settle in. However, it is also an exciting day as it the key celebration and perhaps more importantly candy pinanta destroying day which is a huge hit for the children and adults alike.

As many as you know there has been a sewing center established in San Vicente by Carie (a Calgarian who lives in San Vicente with her husband and 4 children) where the ladies craft beautiful quilts from recycled blue jeans. I have a quilt from our last trip down here for our bed which I LOVE and have purchased another one this trip for the trailer. It is a great business. Like everything this trip, I am hoping to have a more detailed post about the great work they are doing later, once I can formulate a coherent thought.

I spent the morning at Carie and Stu’s home to take pictures of some of their quilts for the website that is being developed for the sewing center. Photography is difficult here for me as the sun is always very bright and the shadows created are hard to avoid but I was able to find one little section of the numerous rows of clothing lines to hang the quilts with little to no shadows. I am very hopeful these pictures will be helpful as it is so important to get the word out about the work these ladies are doing as it is allowing them to learn how a business is run, develop a usable technical skill and perhaps most importantly gain confidence in themselves.

Stu and Carie have numerous projects on the go and others being lined up and others that are in the dream pipeline that may or may not make it into reality. However, one of underlying patters to all of their intitiaves is to empower the local community and not tell them what “needs to be done” but rather walk alonf aside them and be the cheerleaders. There is positive change happening, slowly, but nevertheless lives are being changed for the better.

Todays pictures:

two pictures (of many!) from the quilt photo shoot this morning…

Violet, Stu and Carie’s 4 year old daughter…

after the quilts had their time in the spotlight, a quick lunch at Pollo Campera (think KFC, icky but a trip tradition) it was off to the key ceremony.

this is a time where all 16 families will receive their keys and a housewarming gift.

a member from each team presents the keys, says a few words and then the homeowner has a chance to reply which is usually full of thanks and blessing us.

and then after all 16 are presented it is the time we all wait for!


loading 30 pounds of candy into the two pinatas

a large stick and a bunch of excited children, what could possibly go wrong!

and when it breaks, it is CRAZY, children and adults everywhere…

and the dust just flys!

and the aftermath of the chaos…

the goodies have been collected…

(2 of my favorite pictures of this trip, he was such a sweet man and such a hard worker. It goes to show there is no age restriction to pinata fun!)

Meyli, a little girl from the 4th house our team built and she always had every hair neatly in place and a clean shirt(which is not always common in this area)everytime I saw her except all bets are off when candy is up for grabs…

and to finish up, a picture I took in downtown San Vicente, El Salvador for Shelby…


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    Great posting Dee. Thanks for sharing!

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