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día quatro | hello & welcome

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day 4 and our second build day. 6 more homes built and 6 more families with a safe and dry home.

This morning there was two build sites next to each other, one in the shade and one in full sun. As we pulled up I chanted “please be the shady side, please be the shady side, please be the shady side” and our driver (and one of my favourites) Maurizio thought it was so funny and he kept repeating it so he could commit it to memory and said “that’s a new sentence for me”…I told him at the time that if we got the shady site we would be paying for it later.

And I was right!

We got the shady site in the morning but there was poop (cow, pig, horse, chicken and ??) throughout the build site and on our building material. We also had a rather large tree that needed to be chopped down which was entertaining to watch the locals remove it but it put us behind in our building.

And if that was not enough payback for the shady site our afternoon build was out in the middle of nowhere with not another single house in view, our material was off-site blocks away, nothing had been prepared, the land had thistles and burrs and it had little shade.

However, we ended up having a great afternoon with many locals helping out and with all the extra room of being in an open lot in the middle of nowhere it was much easier to get the house built. I even had one of the little boys, Luis, whose casa (home) we were building, helping me put up the door trim and I caught his dad watching us and the look of pride in his eyes was evident and at that moment I remembered why I am here.

I also met an 82-year-old man at our first job site (his daughter-in-law and son’s new home) and was quite smitten with him. Once again the language barrier is frustrating me too no end but there is something to be said for just engaging with someone else in any form, be it talking, laughing or just smiling,

It was a certainly a day of just being human. I worked hard at being present and not allowing myself to get too far ahead of myself. Tomorrow is the orphanage and I’m sure it will be a full day of conflicting emotions but I am excited to get going!

group photo + a selfie at our morning stop for Gatorade…

how Jackie and I have looked the majority of the trip so far…

they take their gas stations very serious here…

first house, their wash basin…

82 year old man, a joy to try and talk to, only if Dora could have taught me more!

oh it so much fun to have the silly Canadian hold the end of the balloon and pretend to blow into it but then let it go so it snaps at her and then laugh, laugh, laugh!

boys boys boys everywhere, very few little girls this year…

all those times I have taken pictures out of moving cars has paid off as this photo was taken when I was stuffed into the back of the cattle truck with 35 other people, locals and our team, driving down a road that is polar opposite of smooth…

I have never been so happy to see a cloud in my life! It allowed for 2 minutes of shade and I was so SO excited that I was clapping my hands and the locals were a little perplexed at my reaction to a simple cloud but our last build site was wide open and very little relief from the blazing mid afternoon sun…

the new homeowner of our last house of the day, Santos, who will live in his new home with 5 of his 9 children and his wife of 28 years…

Scott has a way of connecting with the locals, especially the men helping out the build teams even though he has very little spanish but somehow his humour translates.

this is Miguel, our helper for this week doing a little dental work on Scott…


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  1. Heather says:

    So enjoy your posts. Also so very proud of you both. :)

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