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2011 (a review) and 2012 (put on your dancing shoes) | hello & welcome

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52 weeks.
365 days
8,760 hours.
21,900 minutes

the time was used well.

it was full of moments.
some good. some awesome. some sad. some happy.
some full of learning oppurtunities.

I am not a scientist and don’t pretend to understand physics,
this I know to be the absolute truth…

every action has a reaction.

some of these were great, some were life changers,
and once again,
some were full of learning oppurtunities.

I learned that…
life is hard.
there are no days “off” from being human.
life is not solid and based on a pre-determined path.
life is fluid and the map is forever changing.
life has a broken GPS.
people will disappoint me.
I will disappoint others.
I will always be addicted to chocolate (and I accept this)
happiness will only be found from within.
I am on the right path.
I need to be learning everyday.
I will always be ignorant.
There will never be a day where I “get it” fully (I am learning to accept this).
I will always have more questions than answers (I am doubtful I will ever accept this).
life is complicated.

however of all that I have learned and accepted this year,
this will be my number one take away…

I feel ALIVE and FREE when I do the hokey pokey and put my WHOLE SELF in.

with this my word for 2012 is hokey pokey.
as I need to never forget to put my whole self in, shake it all about and turn my self around.

2012 could also be defined as the year of action. the year of finding my way on the path to wisdom. the year of being present and alive.

however, the hokey pokey, it is a great reminder to not take myself to seriously.

when I find myself getting lost in being me,
I will stop, drop and
do the hokey pokey.

I sit here right now and I do wonder
what will 21, 900 minutes from right this second look like.

what does that broken life GPS have in store for me?

well I have a bag of (life) tools stored in my bedazzled and sparkly backpack,
and am learning to gather more tools as I go,
I am starting to learn to follow the maps left for me by others that have travelled this terrain,
and how to create my own maps to navigate the crazy landscape of life on my own.
so take that broken GPS. I will take you on at the bike racks after school. Boom!


One Response to 2011 (a review) and 2012 (put on your dancing shoes)

  1. Lachalle says:

    Great review of 2011 , made me think differently of my own . THANKS

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